Friday, May 13, 2016

E-Learning For Lawyers In India Rejuvenated By PTLB

Legal education in India is getting serious attention of Indian Government, Supreme Court of India and the governing body of Indian Lawyers named Bar Council of India (BCI). However, despite best efforts of various stakeholders, legal education in India is not showing any growth sign. Further, legal education in India is also not much inspired by information and communication technology (ICT). For instance, there is a dearth of institutions that provide e-learning for lawyers in India. Similarly, lifelong learning, continuing legal education, professional online lawyers training, techno legal trainings, etc are also missing as on date. Contemporary areas like cyber law, cyber security, cyber forensics, e-discovery, e-courts, online dispute resolution (ODR), etc are also not given much priority in the contemporary legal education of India.

Realising the need to have an e-learning portal for lawyers of India and other jurisdictions, Perry4Law's Techno Legal Base (PTLB) has been proving online legal education and e-learning for lawyers since 2010. We have also opened a blog in 2010 to guide young lawyers regarding bar examinations in India and related techno legal educational issues. PTLB has also been managing the first even Virtual Legal Education Campus (VLEC) In India since 2012.

PTLB has also launched an Online Skills Development, Training, E-Learning and Virtual Campus for Lawyers and other stakeholders where lawyers can update their legal knowledge in an online environment. For instance, lawyers can enroll for online cyber law courses, education and training by PTLB. They can update their cyber law related skills at this platform.

Taking these initiatives a step further, PTLB has launched two dedicated initiatives in these fields. These are launching of dedicated websites for virtual legal education campus (VLEC) of India and virtual law campus (VLC) of India by PTLB. These websites would be fully functional very soon and virtual legal education would get a new shape and meaning in India. Further, we have also launched Twitter accounts named PTLB Virtual Campus and Virtual Law Campus that would help in better coordination and information sharing between PTLB and various stakeholders.

The aim of these two initiatives and other educational projects of PTLB is to impart online legal education ranging from traditional fields to the most contemporary topics. For instance, PTLB has been managing online cyber law education in India for long. Cyber law is a contemporary legal area that requires techno legal expertise. There are very few cyber law education institutions in India and even lesser are cyber law experts in India. Thus, the demand for cyber law professionals is very great in India and other jurisdictions.

Similarly, areas like cyber security, cyber forensics, e-courts, online dispute resolution (ODR), e-discovery, etc also require qualitative educational institutions. The traditional universities or colleges are constrained by their own rules and courses but online education platforms are free to provide qualitative and customised techno legal courses.

PTLB is in the course of adding and introducing novel, qualitative and highly efficient training, skills development and education tools and technologies. We are also introducing some very unique and highly required techno legal and other courses that are not properly represented in present times. PTLB is also exploring tie ups and collaborations with universities, colleges and other online learning platforms in India and abroad.

Our initial idea is to use PTLB Virtual Campus for various techno legal courses, trainings and skills development programs like cyber law, cyber security, cyber forensics, etc. Whereas we intend to use Virtual Law Campus for legal fields and law courses that are imparted in universities and colleges. However, both Virtual Legal Education Campus (VLES) and Virtual Law Campus (VLC) would primarily cater the requirements of legal courses, trainings and skills developments initiatives though we may add other techno legal courses as well. PTLB would share more details about PTLB Virtual Campus, VLEC and VLC very soon.

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